Tunu Jumwa Ziro


Describe Yourself?

Bass maniac, music enthusiast, always open and willing to learn, session musician, teaches music theory and guitar on the side


Kind of Bass you play?

6 string Powerbeat


How long have you played?

A little over 2 years


Who have you played for?

Ricky na Marafiki (Evening of Afro Jazz), Hulda Serro (of Ricky na Marafiki and Serronites), Fyuzd band with Muema Nzomo, Tugi Mlamba and Emma the Drummer (Night of Kenyan Jazz 2015), Phrygian with Daniel Abissi, Sam Mutuku, Steve Mutangili and Edwin Gitonga, Juma Tutu (Swahili Jazz)


Who do you play for currently?

Hulda Serro, Muema Nzomo and Phrygian


Genres you enjoy playing?

All genres with a slight bias towards jazz


How can people contact you?


Social Media platforms as Tunu Jumwa or Ziro Tunu


Links to some videos you have done?




Link #1

Link #3

Link #2

Link #4